What is Textile

textileTextile seems like a well known word but if you examine the true meaning behind this terminal you will see that there are many different textiles as well as textile materials and cloths. In general a textile is any fabric that is created from strands that can be artificial or natural but the must be produced by spinning raw wool or other strand making materials. Textile is used in almost all clothe and other cloth like material making and it is usually stored in long textile sheets that are then further divided into smaller fabrics and produced into the end product. What makes textile material different from other synonyms like cloth is that all textile sheets must have interlaced fibers that will hold it together more efficiently and with greater strength.

If we look at the history then there are evidence that suggests that textile materials have been around for more than 30000 years and that implies that this industry that was once the biggest single industry in the world is as old as the modern man and goes well beyond the modern times into the prehistoric index. Textile making has and is an artform that has many different variations like knot-textiles as well as satin-weave textile and plain-wave-textile and a lot more. All this shows us that making strong and soft fiber materials into textile sheets has been one of the main occupations of many different civilisations but lately this industry has been completely revolutionized.