Strongest fibers

carbon_nanotubesWhen talking about textile materials and fibers in general we usually talk about their softness or are they organic or inorganic as well as their size but really we mention the strength of those fibers. If we look at the naturally occurring fibers then the strongest is spider silk as it is one of the thinnest but strongest material known to man. But spider silk is very hard to obtain as spiders produce so little of it so humans needed to invent some synthetic fibers that can rival this natural fiber. And we are constantly trying to do this as with inventions like Kevlar and Zylon we have made fibers that are stronger and lighter than steel but can still be woven and created into wearable protection like bulletproof vests. Of course these materials are strong and they are being used in many different areas like in sports as well as in construction and of course the scientific community. But now there are new things we have found that could outperform any fiber than we know off. And these are carbon nanotubes. These Carbon nanotubes consist of pure carbon atoms that are arranged in a tubular shape that consists of hexagons. This shape resembles something that Mr Buckminster Fuller made – the geodesic dome structure just it is extended. These carbon nanotubes are the newest scientific breakthrough that could shake the whole fiber industry and help make amazingly strong ropes, chains and other similar things. But unfortunately at the moment we do not know how to produce these carbon nanotubes in large enough quantities to start using them in something outside of the scientific research. So for now we have to use those materials like kevlar and Twaron but definitely invest more research in to the study of finding efficient ways of making these carbon nanotubes.