polyester fiber


Polyester is one of the more durable textile fabrics, that is specially manufactured and made, so that the clothing that is made out of this polyester fabric is long lasting and doesn’t rip easily.

Polyester is made out of synthesized polymers, that are molecules. These molecules consist of chain of smaller particles called monomers. Almost all of these polymers are organic, therefore they have a carbon backbone, but some use silicon as their bonding agent.

Any polyester fabric is not only very very strong, but also resistant to things such as chemicals, as well as these fabrics doesn’t stretch, wrinkle or shrink easy. To add to that polyester also dries extremely quickly and will always retain its shape. That is why this fabric is used to manufacture outdoors clothing, camping equipment and other things and clothes that need the ability to dry quickly and be washed very easily.

However polyester can be used in for other clothing to. In 1970s a popular trend was to make suits among other clothing out of polyester. It was mainly thanks to its strength, because people ddidn’tneed to buy new clothes as often. Some other uses for polyester in 70s was PET bottle and rope making.

And nowadays too you can find quite a lot of clothing made out of polyester, because now the majority of clothes have some percentage of polyester added to the fabric blend to make the clothing more durable and more easy to care for it. From formal wear to work clothing and outerwear you will find polyester everywhere.

Some tips when taking care of fabrics where there is a presence of polyester is to add fabric softener to your washing machine load to make the clothing softer, and dry the clothing in lower temperatures, because that way the clothes will last you even longer. And when ironing the clothes, do it on a warm not hot setting to prolong the life of the fabric.

Polyester is one of the best fabrics that is invented, because it has made so many lives much easier. And although there are many types of polymers yet to be discovered polyester is and will stay one of the best of the whole polymers.