Future of textiles

Textile materials at the moment are made mainly from organic materials like wool and cotton but these materials are not the most efficient in what they can do or achieve. Organic materials were very useful in the old days when there were no technologies sophisticated enough to make textiles from synthetic materials and that is why I think the future of textiles are human-manufactured synthetic materials that will be able to withstand tearing and will not wear down like today’s clothes. If we look at how textile materials and fibers in general are made then we can see that getting wool of sheep and cotton out from the cotton plants is obviously not that efficient and if we want to increase the efficiency and reduce costs then we must come up with different solutions that are more efficient and economically viable.

Of course at this point in time synthetic fibers are not that comfortable and are often treated as a lower level class materials. Synthetic fibers are usually uncomfortable to wear they make you itchy and in general they do not give the same comfort as organic materials. But even now synthetic fibers are showing their strength in affordability and strength as synthetic clothes are usually much cheaper and longer lasting than their organic competitors. So that means that humanity needs to resolve the things that make synthetic fibers uncool like their harsh surface that can irritate the skin as well as the fact that people get rashes from wearing synthetically created materials. It sound like noon is approaching this question with the open-mindedness that is needed and we just need to figure out how to make synthetic fibers soft as well as comfortable to wear. This could be done in any number of ways but my gut tells me that humanity will start to pay closer attention to what makes organic materials so comfortable and then invent a manufacturing equipment that will allow to synthetically produce fibers that mimic that action.

If we manage to create synthetic materials that are as soft and environmentally friendly as the natural acouring silk or hemp then the era of cheap and abundant textile will begin because then every manufacturing company will be able to create this material and I imagine that the cost of fabrication will be very very low. And that is the closest scenario to reality because if you look around then everything around you is modifier by man to increase the total value and increase manufacturing efficiency. I hope that when this day comes then people will see that human-made fibers can be as great as those so called organic fibers that are just a byproduct of some other living organism that is exploited by us to make these fibers.